~ Appetizers - Meze ~

                                                                 Htipidi 7.95 
                                                                             Enjoy a feta spread spiced with red peppers and a
                                                                               kick of garlic. Served with pita bread.

                                                                   Spanakopita 7.50 
                                                                         A Greek classic! Spinach and feta cheese wrapped in a filo pastry.

                                                                  Kalamaria 11.95
                                                                    A seafood treat! Tender breaded squid. 
                            ​                                         Served with tzatziki and grilled pita bread.
                                                                                              (Not recommended for takeout)

                                                                Tzatziki 7.50
                                                                   A Greek favourite! Yogurt with grated cucumbers,
​                                                                      garlic​ and oil. ​Served with pita bread, of course.

                                                                  Dolmadakia 9.95 
                                                                         Stuffed grape leaves with rice, ground beef and spices.
                                                                        Served with grilled pita bread and tzatziki sauce.​

                                                                    Gyro Poutine 9.95  
​                                                      French fries topped with beef-lamb gyro, tzatziki & feta cheese
                                                                             ​in our special homemade sauce.

                                                                   ​​Greek Bruschetta 7.50 

                                                                       Grilled pita topped with feta cheese, tomatoes and onions. 

                                                                   Humos 7.50 
Delicious purée of chickpeas, garlic and oil.
​                                                                               Served with grilled pita bread.

                                                                 Saganaki OPA!!! 11.50
                                                                                 Kefalotiri cheese sautéed and then flambéed at your table.
​                                                                                                     (Not recommended for takeout) 

                                                                      Three Kretans Dip Meze 16.95
Combination of all 3 of our dips:  Humus, Htipidi & Tzatziki.
​                                                                                  Served with grilled pita bread.

Dinner Menu
Soups & Salads

Village Salad Sm. 9.95 Lrg. 13.95
A true Greek experience. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, Kalamata olives and feta cheese mixed in our homemade Greek dressing.

Greek Salad Sm. 8.95 Lrg. 10.95

Caesar Salad Sm. 8.95  Lrg. 11.95

Soupa Tis Emeras Cup 3.25 Bowl 5.25

Traditional Greek soup ‘augolemono’, made with chicken, rice and lots of lemon.


Pork Souvlaki Dinner 16.95
Specially marinated portions of pork, charbroiled to perfection.

Chicken Souvlaki Dinner 17.95
Tender marinated portions of skinless chicken breast, charbroiled on a skewer.

Lamb Souvlaki Dinner 23.95

Fresh spring lamb seasoned and served on a skewer.

Gyro Dinner 16.95
A Greek classic! Seasoned beef-lamb thinly sliced.

Three Kretans Pikilia 18.50

A combo plate of chicken and pork souvlaki, gyro, and dolmadakia.

The above are accompanied with Greek salad, roast potatoes, rice and tzatziki.
~ Sub village salad $3.00. Sub Caesar salad $2.00 ~

Small Souvlaki
Small portion of souvlaki served with Greek salad, tzatziki and choice of roasted potatoes,
​rice or Fries.
Chicken 14.95 or Pork 13.95

Moussaka 16.50

Layers of zucchini, eggplant, potato, and ground beef, baked and topped with
​ a béchamel cream sauce. Served with Greek salad and rice.

Chicken & Greek Salad 15.95
Charbroiled strips of chicken filet on top of Greek salad.

Chicken & Caesar Salad 16.95

A delicious Caesar salad, dressed with strips of chicken filet.


Greek Stew (Stifatho) 18.95
A must try! Traditional Greek stew filled with loads of tender beef
and savory onions on our special Three Kretans sauce.

Lamb Chops 38.95

The meal of the Greeks! Fresh Ontario spring lamb
chops, marinated & charbroiled to your liking.

Above are served with roast potatoes, vegetables, rice and choice of soup or Greek salad.

Dinner for Two

"All Greek to Me Platter" 64.95
1st Presentation: Choose between a Greek salad or
our traditional augolemono soup
2nd Presentation: Explore Greek cuisine as your
meal consists of Moussaka, chicken souvlaki, pork
souvlaki, lamb chops, dolmadakia, roast potatoes,
rice and tzatziki sauce.
3rd Presentation: Finish of with choice of dessert.

~Add a delicious appetizer of humos or tzatziki for $4~

Pita Sandwiches

Chicken or Pork or Gyro
​Your choice on grilled pita with tzatziki, onions and tomatoes.
Serv​ed with Greek salad or french fries.  12.95

Veggie Pita​​
Grilled pita bread dressed with tzatziki or humos. 
​  Topped with tomatoes, cucmbers, onions, red & green peppers & feta cheese.​ 
Served with choice of Greek salad or fries. ​12.95


Salmon 21.95
Atlantic salmon grilled and topped with our lemon dill drizzle.
Served with choice of soup or Greek salad, rice & vegetables.


Vegetarian Delight 15.95
Spanakopita served with humos and grilled pita bread.
Served with a Greek salad.​

Veggie Pita 12.95​​
Grilled pita bread dressed with tzatziki or humos.
​Topped with tomatoes, cucmbers, onions, red & green peppers & feta cheese.​
Served with choice of Greek salad or fries. ​

Kids Menu 

Choice of pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, gyro
​or grilled cheese.  Served with​ French fries, Greek salad &
​ice cream for dessert! 7.95


~All desserts are home-made by 'mama' Doxa~

Baklava 4.95
The most popular Greek dessert and the best in the city!
Layered filo pastry with walnuts and honey.

Galactobouriko  4.95
Light honey custard topped with filo pastry and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Kadaifee  4.95
Like baklava?  Try this 'not as sweet' delight. 
Shredded filo pastry wrapped with walnuts, pistachios and honey.

Bougatsa 5.95
Warm custard wrapped in crispy filo pastry baked and served warm. 
Topped with icing sugar, honey and cinnamon.

Dine In or Take Out